Weekly Update/ August Update

If I had to describe August in one word it would be change.

Aloha! And welcome back to another weekly blog update!

This week is the last one of August so I have decided to do a little recap, and set some intentions for September.

Some highlights from August are:

  • Moving
  • Painting the house
  • Spending time with family

One thing that I am proud of: My relationship with Wilson. We have such a good relationship and it just gets better with time.

Two things that I have learned is

  1. How to paint a house
  2. Sometimes I need to be quiet for my safety

How can I improve myself for next month?

Listening more and talking less. Focusing in instead of focusing out.


September will be all about growth! Which will probably mean I will be uncomfortable, but I will be growing and learning.

Top 3 goals for September

  1. Get my sticker shop up and running!
  2. 200 followers on IG: @haunani.plans
  3. Creating and sticking to my schedules and routines.

September will be an extremely busy month for me and I am excited!

Top 3 mini goals:

  1. Exercise 3-4x a week
  2. Yoga/meditate 5x a week
  3. Maintain a clean environment

This is a quick update but I am so excited for what September has to offer. This month I turn 24 which is also my Kobe year (RIP).

I am exiting my Jordan year with a bang.

Thank you for reading and for hanging out with me!



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