September 7-13 2020 Weekly Recap


So many things!

Monday was Labor day, today (Friday) is 9/11, my sticker shop just launched (linked below) and Sunday is my last day at Starbucks!

I am happy and nervous and excited and all the feelings.

Also Oregon, and California are on fire, so there is a lot of smoke everywhere.

I am praying for all my friends and family in those states because the smoke is bad here, and it’s so much worse there.

I just finished reading “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins. I didn’t realize it was a thriller, but I really enjoyed it! I will write a book review on this soon.

I am currently reading “The Right Swipe” by Alisha Rai. I need a romantic comedy right now!

I am not currently watching any TV shows, but I am watching some NBA. Not a lot thought.

I have not been working out, I have been eating a lot of dark chocolate oreos, but I have also been eating a lot of vegetables. So… it evens out.

I have been busy, but busy with things that make me happy and make me smile.

This week has been an excellent and fun week.

Thank you for reading always.


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