I Quit My Stable Job in the Middle of a Pandemic


You read that correctly folks.

I quit my stable job in the middle of a pandemic.

This is definitely a bit stressful, however I am relieved.



2020 is many things, but I have learned SO MUCH this year.

My #1 lesson is life is too short.

So why should I spend any time at a job I don’t love?

Right now I just have some side hustle jobs going on, including my Etsy shop.

The fact of the matter is, I’m blessed and extremely privileged.

I am able to work these jobs to pay the bills AND to have leftover money.

Am I scared?

Heck yes.

But, I am happy. Because as 2020 has proved to most of us, life is short.

Why spend any part of that miserable?

I know this is a short one but I just want to say, live your best life and follow your dreams.



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